DVO Real Estate is a private real estate investment firm focused exclusively on providing equity solutions for middle-market, multifamily investments in select markets across the United States. We employ a fundamental value-oriented investment approach and target assets that offer yield plus growth and represent an opportunity to enhance cash flow and increase value through repositioning strategies designed to maximize returns while mitigating risks.

Team: DVO is made up of a uniquely qualified team of real estate professionals with the experience necessary to originate, structure, underwrite, close and asset manage multifamily transactions.

Strategy: Highly selective investment in multifamily opportunities that generate equity level returns while taking less than equity level risk. Risk is mitigated primarily via deal structure, deal selection, market knowledge, utilizing stringent & supportable underwriting assumptions and employing a comprehensive owner/operator driven due diligence and asset management approach.

Access to opportunities: The DVO team utilizes its experience and strategic relationships with agency lenders, brokers, owners and developers within the multifamily sector in order to access a broad range of nationally located opportunities that are not readily available to the rest of the marketplace.